Rates and Fees

Water Tap Fees:
Residential Meters (5/8" x 3/4")  $2,500.00
Commercial Meters (Quote)
Other Fees:
Meter Connection Fee (non-refundable, non-transferable) $100.00
Re-connection Fee $50.00
Returned Check/ACH Fee $30.00
Notification Fee $25.00
After Hours Fee $100.00
Late Payment Fee 10% of Water Bill
Meter Tampering Fee $100.00

(Any act of meter tampering, including cutting of the locking device, will result in criminal charges)

Backflow Prevention Device Testing (annual) $50.00
Backflow Prevention Device Testing (retest) $50.00
Current Water Rates: 

0 - 1,000 Gallons (min. bill)  effective  1/1/24

All Water Over 1,000 Gallons $6.98/1,000 gals.
*Water rates posted do not include sales tax*